Some of my favorite deals… – a Lamar, Colorado based publication offers Real MomDeals from local business owners. I remember spending days shopping downtown on Main Street. Mom would park the car out in front of Penney’s or Peery Electric, and we’d walk around visiting the shops. Mom would stop and talk to friends. And we’d head home several hours later, after a stop at the Corner Pharmacy for a cherry coke with bags and boxes filled to overloading with goodies from our shopping trip.

I want to do that again.

I really miss my mom.

Write for Profit – Writer Progress

When a writer gets online and starts promoting their work via Internet, writing becomes the only real option. Whether you write for actual publication or for voice over, writing is part of the promotional process.

But does it work?

How much can a book increase your profits? Publishing a book and promoting it on the Internet can give you the competitive edge. In fact, it can make your business profitable online. Simply having a book published gives you credibility. Continue reading Write for Profit – Writer Progress

My Utmost for His Highest

Some days you just can’t get everything accomplished, no matter how hard you try. Those are the days when it’s best to step back and realize that time, your chores, your accomplishments, and all are in God’s hands. No matter what you do, you won’t accomplish all that YOU want to accomplish. But, if you put the day and your wishes in God’s hands, you’ll accomplish all that HE wants you to accomplish.

That’s what trusting is all about. Trusting the Lord to order your days and accomplishments according to His Will means doing your best and allowing Him control over the rest. If you’re hoping to accomplish great things…

Try this:

 Give Him your day in your first morning prayers. Invite Him to determine your successes and failures for the day. Ask His guidance for your day.

Give praise and thanks for the miracles of life and wonders of your life experiences.

Bill Clarke Remembers the OJ Connection to Nathan

April 20Th, 1986, 10 PM

I was watching 9 News to see if my lucky Lotto Picks on the Colorado Lottery would bring me a one in a million fortune.  It did not, so I was going to head to bed.

At this very moment my son, Nathan, age 23, was clocking out a Ruth’s Chris, a Denver Lodo restaurant that he had worked at since they opened three years ago.

At this moment Debbie Cameron was picking up food for herself and her daughter, Heather, age 9.

Duncan Cameron,  at this moment was waiting in the Parking Garage that both his estranged wife Debbie and my son Nathan used. It sits in the middle of downtown Denver on 15Th between the old Denver Dry on 16Th and California and Neusteders, two departments stores that had gone condo.

Duncan wanted to beg Debbie to come home with him.  Her six month lease was up and he was tired of the trial separation.  Heather and Debbie were not living with him and Debbie had it in her mind not to return to this controlling environment.

Duncan was a former Prosecuting Attorney in the Denver DA’s office and had a list of upscale clients on his agenda that he could no longer care about.

Heather was a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and was a successful accountant.  

Nathan was a graduating Senior at the University of Northern Colorado and had plans to move out of the downtown loft after graduation on May 11Th.  Tonight he was headed over to his Mom’s to study all night in peace and quiet.

Before he headed over there he had boxes in his car to take up to his loft since he was moving.  He drove into the parking garage only to witness Duncan stabbing Debbie to death with a knife.  Nathan stopped and got out, and confronted Duncan with pepper spray.

Duncan not only had the knife he had his pistol. He shot Nathan once in the face, the bullet crashing into the C2 C3 vertebrae.  Duncan then turned to his wife and blamed her for what he had done to Nathan and shot her multiple times. 

Debbie and Nathan died that night. 

Duncan died on the following Tuesday 18 miles from Barstow on the Interstate.  He had fled Colorado, stolen plates in New Mexico and was headed to LAX to fly to New Zealand where he knew he would not be extradited because of our death penalty. He was stopped by a California Highway Patrol Officer. His stolen plates were falling off. 

Duncan ate a bullet out of his own gun, rather that go to jail. 

Duncan knew this:   You may not get death for stabbing your wife, but the odds are much higher if you kill the witness.

The city reacted.  This was front page news for a week.  Debbie’s friends knew immediately that Duncan had killed Debbie because Duncan saw OJ get off for killing Nicole and Ron Goldman, and he figured he would get off too.

Debra Norville sent a crew to Denver because of the OJ tie in.  They asked me in an interview what I thought of the Goldman’s lawsuit.  I replied it was a waste of time.  They used my sound clip and mentioned my only comfort is found in the Lord.

Today, September 16Th, 2007,  I see that OJ is in cuffs and he is in Clark (how appropriate) County jail without bail.

Oh, yes, Shall we Dance with Angels?

Shall we rejoice?

Bill Clarke

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Daddy’s Tavern – Written by Curt Gibson

 Jan Verhoeff Reviews “Daddy’s Tavern” Written by Curt Gibson

Lenny kicks off this page turner like a can from the gutter along Maude Street, a community living in the shadow of the Chicago Fires. The result of an afternoon respite from the summer heat and loneliness of the war, Lenny carries his personal burdens as he blunders through the early years of his life. A troubled youth with many strikes against him, Lenny hangs onto the hope of his father’s return from the military. His mother’s choices together with happenstance leaves Lenny on the street. Another time another place, and the man who suspects he’s really Lenny’s father finds him, brings him back to the tavern and keeps him until the military takes him away.

A series of events meander their way through Lenny’s life until he meets the woman who inspires him to change. His motivation is complete as he comes full circle to entrepreneurial pursuits. Lenny can be what he wants to be and he endeavors to become more.

You’ll be won over by his spirit and soul in this book surprisingly packed with murder, crime, and mayhem from every port. Lenny is an innocent soul who overcomes the trials of a rough start in life and actually becomes an upstanding businessman with a grand future. I found myself crying in one part and laughing in other parts as his character overcomes tragedy and ascends to greater heights.

I think what impresses me most about this book is the fact that Lenny comes from a place of underachievement and actually overcomes obstacles of most every sort to start his own business and become a productive part of a society where his friends are actually thugs. The recognition of a different sort of justice from the inner city where values arise from a different place in the soul brought me back to reality in the end of the book, as one character realized and stood on the fact that he was a good person, despite rough beginnings and errors in his life.

I would read the book again, recommend it to friends and have suggested it to a few who prefer a good life line story over the traditional mysterious crime tales.

This and more reviews are posted at